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Dutch Language




Is there someone that can maybe help me?


I m using FMPRO9 advance in french and i m looking for the dutch language pack :)


Is there some one that can post it or send it me by mail it will be very kind :)


Thanks for your help

PS in the 8.5 we had it in the update all the language but still now we haven t receive it so ...


Thanks one more for your help i only need the dutch language for the 9.0 advance the others i had also receive them



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If you want it the legal way - and most of us here do - only FileMaker Inc. will be able to help.


Lol i haven t problem with "legal"


The answer van filemaker about this was that in the new patch there will be the language but i want to compil a version with the dutch inside that s it

So i never asked to post filemaker 9 or any illegal material but only the dutch language pack :) alone


Hope that now u ll help me :)

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Mac or Windows or both?

Pro Advanced or Runtime or both?


Thanks u hbrendel


In fact u ask me a good question

I m using exclusive windows and the version is advance

But if i create the runtime with the language pack i have just to add it to the setup of the runtime right no?


So i ll say that if u can post or send by mail i only need the advance language in dutch :)


Many thanks for your help

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Hi !


If you have bought an English version (or an intermediate version of FileMaker Pro 9.0 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0 - English, French, Italian, German, Swedish) ... You can order, just the CD, directly from Customer Service.....


My Two Tips.


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