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Troi File Plug-in 13.0 for FileMaker Pro 19 released

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Updated file management plug-in for FileMaker Pro 19 is prepared for Apple Silicon and gets the text contents from pdf files.

Lienden, the Netherlands, May 27, 2021–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi File Plug-in 13.0 for FileMaker 19. In this major update we made the plug-in a universal binary by adding code for the arm64 architecture of macOS. Furthermore we added new functionality and improved and enhanced several functions of the plug-in.

Improved compatibility

  • Tested and made compatible with Claris FileMaker Pro 19, up to and including FileMaker Pro 19.2.2.
  • (macOS) Prepared the plug-in for Apple Silicon: made the plug-in a universal binary by adding code for the arm64 architecture of macOS.

Improved PDF support

Improved ZIP functionality and enhanced ZIP64 support

  • (Windows) Improved the Create Zip script step and the TrFile_CreateZIP function, the plug-in now supports UTF-8 encoding. If the filepath of files to zip contains higher Unicode characters, the filename will be automatically stored in UTF-8 format.
  • (Windows) Added new switch “-ForceUTF8Filenames” to the TrFile_CreateZIP function. When you add this switch all filenames in the ZIP file will be UTF-8 encoded.
  • (Windows) Improved the UnZip script step and the TrFile_UnZIP function: ZIP files using the ZIP64 format extension can now be unzipped. The plug-in now has added support for unzipping files compressed with the Deflate64 method.
  • (Windows) Improved the UnZip script step and the TrFile_UnZIP function: the plug-in now automatically detects the encoding of UTF-8 encoded filenames.
  • (Windows) Improved the TrFile_UnZIP and the TrFile_GetZipInfo function: you can now add a -Encoding=x switch, like -Encoding=ASCII_Windows. The filenames in the ZIP file will be unzipped/decoded according to this switch. This is useful if the ZIP file was created using a non-standard filename encoding.
  • (Windows) Improved the Create Zip script step and the TrFile_CreateZIP function, shortcuts files (with extensions .lnk) are now also zipped into the ZIP file.

Improved movie and movie metadata support

  • Improved the TrFile_GetMetaData function: added several switches, which return a single property of a movie:
    • -IsValidMovie, which returns 1 (true) if this is a valid movie or 0 (false) otherwise
    • -GetMovieWidth
    • -GetMovieHeight
    • -GetMovieRotation
    • -GetMovieFrameCount (it might take a while to calculate)
    • -GetMovieSoftware
    • -GetMovieYear
  • Improved the TrFile_GetMetaData function with the switch “-GetMovieDescription”: you can now add an extra switch “-AddFrameCount” if you also want the frame count of the movie.
  • Improved the TrFile_GetMetaData function with the switch “-GetMovieDescription”:
    • (Windows) this switch now also works when running on a 64-bit version of Windows.
    • The result now also returns the rotation angle and track size (width and height).
    • The (general) size (width and height) now is the display size. So it reflects the rotation of the movie and also the clean aperture. It can return for example 980×1308 for a vertical rotated movie. This can be different from the internal track size, for example 1440×1080. Also changed the order of the returned size of the movie, the function now returns the width first and then the height. You can use the switch “-GetMovieDescriptionOldFormat” to get the original formatted result, i.e. height returned first and not reflecting the rotation of the movie.
  • Added new GetMovieMetadata.fmp12 example file to the download, which demonstrates which metadata (and properties) can be returned from a movie.
  • Improved the movie handling in several functions: added support for internally compressed movies (which contain the ‘cmov’ movie box).
  • Improved the TrFile_GetFileStructure function: when using the -verbose switch it now returns more detailed movie structure information of a track, like the used video codec of a track or the clean aperture size. This function now also correctly returns the pixel density metadata.

Improved iCloud Drive functionality (macOS)

  • Added switch “-AllowNonLocalCloudItems” to the TrFile_SelectFileDialog function. When used this will allow you to select files that are not downloaded to the local disk.
  • Added switch “-iCloudStatus” to the TrFile_GetFileAttribute function,
    The return values for iCloud Status can be:
    • not on iCloud: this file is not on iCloud (Drive), it is outside the iCloud Drive, it is just a local file on the disk.
    • on iCloud + local: the file is both on iCloud and on the local disk.
    • on iCloud only: the file is only on iCloud, it is not downloaded on the local disk.
    • on iCloud (updating): the file is on iCloud and on the local disk, but it is stale. A new copy is downloading to the local disk.

Other changes and improvements

  • (macOS) Added support for using SMB styled paths as parameters for any file or folder path. You can use for example “smb://” for a path to a text file.
  • (macOS) Added a new switch “-ForceDelete” to the TrFile_DeleteFolder function.
    When you use this switch in combination with the switch “-DeleteAllSubFoldersAndAllContents” the plug-in will forcefully delete any open files inside the folder and subfolders.
  • Improved the Create Thumbnail script step and the TrFile_CreateThumbnail function. Added support for creating thumbnails from a container field (or a variable with container data), for example a JPEG or PDF in a container.
  • Improved script triggering when using drag and drop: the plug-in now also triggers scripts where the filename parameter contains a period in the name and the (.fmp12) extension was not included (the FileMaker function “Get(Filename)” will not include the extension). For example if the filename parameter given is “Dropper1.0” the plug-in now adds the .fmp12 extension, resulting in “Dropper1.0.fmp12”.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

More detailed information on all changes and improvements implemented in Troi File Plug-in 13.0 can be found on the File Plug-in page.

Pricing & Availability

A fully functional demo version of Troi File Plug-in 13.0 is available on the File Plug-in page.

Licenses cost US$ 99 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on the File Plug-in page. You can order licenses there or from our shop.

Upgrade information

Version 13.0 needs a new registration. If you have a current subscription or if you bought a license on or after November 27, 2020, the upgrade is free. Eligible users will be sent a new registration. Contact us if you have not received yours after May 28, 2021.

Upgrades from licenses bought before November 27, 2020, are available from US$ 59 per user. Upgrade prices for other licenses can be found on the File Plug-in web page or in the shop. You can order upgrades there.

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