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Lasso Professional Server 8.5 announced



LASSO SUMMIT 2006 - OmniPilot Software, Inc., officially unveiled Lasso Professional Server 8.5 (LP 8.5) today during the Lasso Summit, which is being held at the historic Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. The Lasso Summit is the premier event for members of the Lasso community to collaborate and discuss the further evolution of the Lasso product line. Over 75 of the top Lasso developers from as far as Sweden and New Zealand converged for this year's Lasso Summit.


Brett Circe, president of OmniPilot Software, kicked off the Lasso Summit with his keynote speech. He introduced LP 8.5 to an eager crowd of Lasso developers stating, "Today marks a milestone for the Lasso community as we gather to officially launch the next edition of Lasso Professional. LP 8.5 takes Lasso beyond Web scripting, making it a powerful and more advanced programming language."


The following lists a few of the top new features of LP 8.5:


- Universal Binary for Intel Mac: Native support for the best speed and compatibility.


- LJAX: Supports Web 2.0 techniques for modern dynamic web design. Includes Lasso AJAX tags and JS functions working together to enable interactive page updates.


- Support for many Native Data Sources including: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, ODBC, Filemaker and OpenBase.


- Built in LDAP Integration: Integrate Lasso with office data and login systems.


- Specify data sources within inlines. Prepared statements allow faster DB operations. Create multiple result sets from a single inline.


- Shell Support: Allows access to native processes within the OS.


- Enhanced Site Admin: View, prioritize and abort threads from the Admin.


- Email Enhancements: Direct sending to remote SMTP servers, SSL support, improved encoding speed, better support for attachments.


In addition, LP 8.5 has been enhanced with numerous customer feature requests including DNS lookup tags, URL rewrite tools, better encoding support in file and network tags, Server and Site Administration improvements, iCal file support, and much more.


Lasso Professional Server 8.5 retails for $649. Upgrades from version 8 start at $349. A Summit Promotion for February knocks 15% off the retail price. Lasso Professional Alliance (LPA) members will receive one FREE license of LP 8.5 with their current membership. To order LP 8.5, visit store.omnipilot.com or call 954-874-3100.




Livio @ the Lasso Summit in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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