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Bug waarschuwing



We hadden vandaag een leuke.


Nieuwe installaties van een filemaker client konden de files op de server niet zien. Oude installaties wel ? Rarara hoe kan dit zie hieronder. Dus let op als je na 22 september filemaker installeert en je hebt SSL aan staan heb je kans dat je de database niet ziet.




Verify that FileMaker Network Sharing is properly configured



FileMaker Pro can not see FileMaker Server hosted files when Secure connections to FileMaker Server (SSL) is enabled.



The server.pem file is a certificate that is created upon installation of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server. This file holds a 'Not Before' and 'Not After' timestamp with 9,999 days as the mark between them. In some cases, the FileMaker Pro installations on or after September 22, 2008 are generating server.pem files that did not adhere to the 9,999 day mark. The result is a 'bad' server.pem file which causes an issue with FileMaker Server and SSL.



At this time, the best options for a resolution are:



Deactivate FileMaker Pro if applicable (select Help > Deactivate) and un-install FileMaker Pro.


Set the client machine system clock to a time prior to September 22, 2008.


Re-install FileMaker Pro.


Set the client machine system clock to the current time.


FileMaker, Inc. is actively investigating this issue.

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