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[ANN] Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 for FileMaker Pro 10

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Troi Automatisering releases Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 for FileMaker Pro 10


Updated universal plug-in for FileMaker Pro 10 offers powerful access to the computer's serial ports and adds server-side functionality.


March 10th, 2009, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands--Troi Automatisering today released Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 for FileMaker Pro 10.



What is Troi Serial Plug-in?


Troi Serial Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro 10 easy and powerful access to one or more of the computer's serial ports:

- Read from and write to the serial ports of the computer directly from FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application.

- Native FileMaker script triggering, to get incoming data into the database.

- "Serial_Control" function to temporarily suspend the incoming data stream and resume it when you are interested in the data.

- "Wait for Match" function to wait for a specific text before triggering.

- The possibility to open an unlimited number of serial ports and to trigger different scripts for different ports.



Suggested Uses


Troi Serial Plug-in can be used whenever you need to send or receive (ASCII) data over a serial port. Suggested uses for Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 are connecting to a Point-of-Sale system, custom switchboard dialing, caller ID, barcode reading, controlling external devices, data acquisition and data transfer. This plug-in is also very well suited for the use in electronic devices that send data to the computer continuously, like most electronic weighing scales.


All these features also work in a runtime solution.



What is new in version 3.1.1?


This is a maintenance release, and fixes a few bugs:

- (Windows) fixed a bug in the Serial_Send function, where an error code of $$14007 could be returned.

- Fixed a button with a missing script step and missing Perform Script steps in the SimpleSerial.fp7 example.


We invite you to test drive this powerful plug-in and see what you can do with it!



Pricing & Availability


A fully functional demo version of Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 is available for downloading at Troi's Web site at: .


Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 works with FileMaker Pro 8.x 9, and 10. The plug-in can also be used with runtimes from FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.x, 9 or FileMaker Pro Advanced 10. The plug-in is available for Mac OS X 10.4.5 or higher, Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and Windows Vista.



FileMaker Server requirements


Troi Serial Plug-in 3.1.1 also works with FileMaker Server 9 or FileMaker Server 10 as a server-side plug-in and as a plug-in used by the web publishing engine. We have prepared extensive information on how to install and use Troi Plug-ins as a server-side and web-side plug-in on this web page:




Upgrade information


The update from version 3.0.x is free and works with the same registration string. Product upgrades from an earlier cross platform developer license are available from US$ 749. Product upgrades from an earlier single platform developer license cost US$ 899.



About Troi Automatisering


Troi Automatisering is leading developer of cross platform FileMaker Pro plug-ins and winner of the FileMaker Pro Excellence Award 2001. For more information, visit our web site at:




Contact information


D. Budding

Troi Automatisering

Boliviastraat 11

2408 MX Alphen aan den Rijn

The Netherlands

Telephone: +31-172-426606


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