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  1. Peter, I tested on a dell keyboard reader also and it s work fine. All my test seems to stuck when it s a card reader only like a Vasco 905. Of course here i m speaking for windows dev/test. Do u think that we can improve the solution to be able to work with all card reader ? or is something that we cannot resolve ?
  2. Belgian EID Reader v2.fmp12 Hi Peter, Here the version with the trigger. When u open it just set your eid and everything will work fine Let me know if ok
  3. New test on a cherry card keyboard. Work perfect on a nedis card reader we receive an error Last info we test the eid plugin reader and complete all in 3.85sec this version do the same in 2.51sec so 1.30sec per read
  4. Hello Peter, I tested this version on ewent reader (keyboard) and no error but only the picture came , no other info In the second click all the data came a little bit strange. It s a good news because no more error. I m gonna try if u are agree to integrated the trigger ? Let me know. Just for info on a new computer we need the mbs plugin + le eid app exe ? or it s embedded in the fmp12 file ?
  5. Thanks Menno U MADE MY DAY one more time thanks for your time sharing your knowledge
  6. nop Menno, i don't. It's a point over my competences Sorry i hope it s not gonna block u to help me to resolve this calculation problem
  7. Thank u for your help A friend set me the CF in the file but it seems to have a mistake when i set with the script file 153.51 i receive TEXT : vijftienduizenddriehonderdenvijftien resultat : driehonderdenvijftien with the CF vijftienduizenddriehonderdenéénenvijftig And the result need to be that no? honderd drieenvijftig euro en eenenvijftig cent Because i don't speak dutch very hard for me to resolv it Thanks for your time Menno
  8. U right but the idea was to make an calcul field that was more easy that to past from an script i really appricaite your help for this problem Hope u can help in just a calcul field that give the result Thanks a lot for your precious help
  9. Thank u menno Sorry but i haven't filemaker dev so i can't access to the personnal fonction is there a way to have it for a "normal" version? Btw thanks alot for sharing with me this formula
  10. Hello everybody I'm trying to convert number to text in dutch but it doesn't work i had some problem with the calc field when i m trying ( some are good but other doesn't work) is there someone that can help me to resolve this little problem cose i m not a dutch person Or there is a example file already done? In advance thanks u here is my email in case of drjonesx@belcenter.com
  11. Thank you very much rmw for your help but i have seen that i did a mistake i was trying with file:/c:/mydirectory/myfilename and i fact it was filewin:/c:/mydirectory/finename Great I ll now test it in the network if it goes and hope ... DrJonesX;)
  12. U right i did it but idoesn t work and i don t know where a made the mistake Can i ask u if you can help to resolve my problem? 1000x thanks DrJonesX;)
  13. Hello First of thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english I have a little application that turn good until i decide to put it on a private network (3computer) When i want to export or import the records i decide to create a script that do that But when i click on my button when i m on the host machine it s go but when i m on the client machine it s does work i decide to look in the fields and i have seen that the adresse of the filepath is not the same on the host and on the client machine Is there some one that can help to make it work? each computer will have is
  14. Rony Rabijns, as said JeanWM i m french speaking But have knowledge in dutch and english but i m learning so please be kind PS i m hiding in Brussels DrJonesX;)
  15. ohhh i didn t know it I took that i need to buy a new box (dus un new licence)
  16. U right But if u look the dutch language aren't there and i don t want to buy a new fmpro 9 in dutch only for to have the dutch language Thats the reason that asked here if someone could post it and hbrendel did it I want to thanks him again for that Best Regards DrJonesX;)
  17. Yes it s happend when u upload to a server and u have some packetloss 1000 Thanks Henk for the new zip. It s work perfectly Great
  18. Thank you very much Henk for your help I just download the zip but it seems to be corrupt Could you please have a look or repack it? Once more thank you
  19. Thanks u hbrendel In fact u ask me a good question I m using exclusive windows and the version is advance But if i create the runtime with the language pack i have just to add it to the setup of the runtime right no? So i ll say that if u can post or send by mail i only need the advance language in dutch Many thanks for your help
  20. Lol i haven t problem with "legal" The answer van filemaker about this was that in the new patch there will be the language but i want to compil a version with the dutch inside that s it So i never asked to post filemaker 9 or any illegal material but only the dutch language pack alone Hope that now u ll help me
  21. Hello, Is there someone that can maybe help me? I m using FMPRO9 advance in french and i m looking for the dutch language pack Is there some one that can post it or send it me by mail it will be very kind Thanks for your help PS in the 8.5 we had it in the update all the language but still now we haven t receive it so ... Thanks one more for your help i only need the dutch language for the 9.0 advance the others i had also receive them DrJonesX;)
  22. Hello Sorry i don't speak dutch but i m looking for someone that have filemaker 6 dev in dutch and that agree to help me Please take contact with me and don't be afraid I need your help Thanks for sharing with me drjonesx@belcenter.com
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