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Filemaker 11 al in de maak?



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het zou kunnen, maar volgens mij is het gewoon een 1 april grap...


Wat het einde van het artikel ook een beetje verraadt :-)


I hope, you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did, putting it together. The only thing left for me to say is, have a great April Fool’s Day.

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1 april of niet, er zitten twee geweldige ideeën tussen die we allemaal in de black "feature request" box van filemaker moet droppen volgens mij.


A new layout element: System Object


With the new System Object you will not need the toolbar anymore. Placed the object anywhere in the layout and assigned a toolbar icon to it. It reacts like the original toolbar icon. Now you can build your own toolbar or something similar anywhere in your layout. FileMaker calls it System Object, not Toolbar Object, because you can use more than just icons from the toolbar. Depending on the operating system you might be able to assign other objects as well, for example the buttons to control a movie (start/stop/pause).


Looking through


I already mentioned the new System Object. There is another new object available for layouts called Layout Viewer. Similar to the web viewer it opens a window to a different layout. You can assign any layout (from the same module) to be shown in this window. This is a great feature, for example to create a standard menu and display it in every other layout. Changes in the menu are done in only one layout, the results are shown right away in every other layout.


Zelfs van erover dromen wordt je al blij ;-)



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