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Backup data From Filemaker Pro 11 to SQL Server



Hello Everyone,


Small question, does anyone ever made a nightly backup of data , from a Filemaker file in one server to an MS SQL Server DB in another using a PULL method ? ( meaning that the SQL server DB will pull the data automatically )


I've installed the Windows ODBC driver (provided by filemaker in the CD) and created a new DSN, my problem is I cannot make a connection between the SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT STUDIO and the FILEMAKER FILE using the DSN that I created.


Another aspect is that the SQL SERVER is on a 64-bit machine (if that makes any diference)


Thanks a lot in advance



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Filemaker should be running and you need a user that can access the filemaker-file via odbc (through the Filemaker-Application), also a normal filemaker-client can only make files odbc-accessible to the localhost and not to the network.


If you want to access a filemaker-file through odbc from the network you'll need to use Filemaker Server Advanced since the standard-version does not support being an ODBC-source.

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Strange that the configuration MsSQL-Win64 with a 32-bit DSN (to FMS11) does not work. I can't test that configuration here, so I can't say why that is. However I do get the 32-bit DSN working just fine on a 64-bit machine in excel and openoffice, so I'd expect it to work with something like MS-SQL as well. Are you sure you configured it correctly?

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